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thérapie au collagène
pour le soin des articulations

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+ Clinically Proven*

Reduces Joint Pain
Maintains Healthy Joints
Improves Bone Mass Density

Improves Mobility

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After 25, the body's natural collagen supply will start to decrease, this will cause discomfort, joint pain and reduced propensity to heal. Today, every fourth person suffers from joint problems and the number is constantly increasing. The principal cause is wear and tear of the joint cartilage brought by age, over exercise and stressed joints. Aging results in our collagen levels dropping, so does our bone mass. 

But there is help available for those in need of skeletal system healthy.


Freedom by Klarity consists of a special combination of (three) tripeptides formula, proven to induce faster repair of bone matrix, muscle tissues, ligaments and tendons of the joints from mechanical stress and injuries. It is the ideal supplement for anyone looking to stay active and free from pain.

Recommended dosage :
3 ampoules a day in a glass of water or fruit juice on an empty stomach, preferably before breakfast.

Product not recommended for :
This product is not suitable for young children or for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Pro Tip:

Vitamin C enhances collagen absorption, so we recommend taking collagen along with fresh fruits and vegetables.


28 Ampoules x 12ml


Main Ingredients

Bioactive Collagen Peptides



Bioactive Collagen Peptides



Bioactive Collagen Peptides



FORTIGEL® – Keeps people physically active and mobile

• Unique ingredient for the regeneration of joint cartilage.

• Proven to rapidly accelerate the growth of new cartilage by stimulating rapid cell regeneration.(1)

• Help to ease joint discomfort post-injury, maintain joints for highly lubricated smooth and free function.


FORTIBONE® – Healthy aging with strong and stable bones

• Help to stimulate bone matrix synthesis and mineralisation.
• Proven to build strong bones, and is ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis.(2)

• Reduce bone degradation and re-fracture rate.

• Proven to enhance bone mass density, thus, greatly improve bone stability and flexibility. 

TENDOFORTE® – Strengthen ligaments and tendons

• Supports the connecting elements of the body (ligaments and tendons) that are crucial for movement, control, stability, and better mobility.

• Increase the strength and quality of ligaments and tendons.(1) 
• Stimulate a faster and better healing response for any injured ligament and tendon.

+ Clinically Proven

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Pain reduction

The results of the study demonstrate the efficacy of a daily intake of Freedom by Klarity Bioactive Collagen Peptides – after only 3 weeks, a significant improvement in pain, stiffness and mobility could be observed.


Bone mass density improvement

180 women who had reduced bone mass participated in a therapy with daily intake of Freedom by Klarity Bioactive Collagen Peptides or placebo. The results showed a significant increase of bone density.

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Mobility improvement

After taking Freedom by Klarity  Bioactive Collagen Peptides, the body’s collagen increased, and the synthesis of elastin increased by approximately 50%. Hence, it helps in reducing the risk of injuries and rupture of tendons and ligaments.

Interview of Dr. Matt Kan at Chiropractic First Group
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Interview of Dr. Matt Kan at Chiropractic First Group
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Klarity SG - Interview of Mdm Lee
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1. Alves RD, Demmers JA, Bezstarosti K, Van Der Eerden BC, Verhaar JA, Eijken M, Van Leeuwen JP (2011) Unraveling The Human Bone Microenvironment Beyond The Classical Extracellular Matrix Proteins: A Human Bone Protein Library. - J Proteom Res 10:4725-4733

2. Raisz LG (2005) Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis: Concepts, Conflicts, and Propects. - J CLIN INVEST 115:3318-3325

3. Cole ZA, Dennison EM, Cooper C (2009) The Impact of Methods for Estimating Bone Health and the Global Burden of Bone Disease. Salud Publica Mex 51 Suppl 1:S38-S45

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